House Washing

house washinghouse washing

Vinyl siding is in deed a low maintenance material.  The maintenance begins however after several years when it starts to lose its semi glossy appearance, and with that its ability to resist mold, mildew and other contaminates from clinging on to it.  A regular cleaning schedule will ensure your house is free and clear from these unwonted contaminates and looks its best all year round.   


Concrete Cleaning

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Cleaning your concrete will easily transform the appearance of your home.  Concrete though very hard is very pours.  Pours meaning like a sponge it can absorb what lands on it.  Contaminates with the help of water and gravity are driven down into the pours of the surface and require the use of water at a high pressure to release them.  By getting your concrete professionally cleaned will keep it looking its best for your enjoyment and curb appeal. 

Stamped concrete is a beautiful upgrade to the traditional look, with its textures and colors.  The required maintenance to keeping this upgrade looking its best is a cleaning and resealing schedule of every 2 to 3 years.  The sealer protects agents water and UV damage that fades and erodes the color over time.  Similarly to the color the sealer over time begins to weaken and break down which leaves your color unprotected.  Regularly cleaning and reapplying of the sealer is necessary to keep the on going protection that the color requires.  

Wood decks are great outdoor living spaces.  Keep them looking there best with a yearly cleaning to remove unwanted mold, mildew and dirt.  Reseal your deck every 3 years to keep your wood protected from the harshness of the sun and the affects of moisture.  This regular maintenance schedule will ensure your deck will look its best and maintain its needed protection for years of enjoyment.