Anderson Pressure Washing, houes washing before and after



House washing is one of the best and most affordable ways to keep the exterior of your house looking fresh and clean. This before picture shows heavy mold growth on the north side of the house. You can see where a new piece of siding was installed on the right side. Once the cleaning was complete, the newer peace of siding blended in much better and the mold was gone. The homeowners were amazed at the transformation that took place.

On this particular house this mold had been growing for years, and it would have continued to do so if left alone. Mold and algae are alive and in areas that don't see much sun, they thrive. Our premium house wash mix is exactly what is needed to remove the mold and algae. Our process is safe for the house, plants, animals and most importantly your family. We care about you and your exterior cleaning needs. Let Anderson Pressure Washing be your one stop shop for all your pressure washing needs!

Anderson Pressure Washing, deck cleaning and sealing before and after


Clean and Seal

Wood decks are a great outdoor living space.  And if you have one you know that a regular cleaning and sealing is a MUST. I remember my first experience with cleaning and sealing my own deck. I did everything the long and hard way. Bent over on my knees scrubbing and brushing, it was an endeavor to say the least.  And what I learned was without the right equipment, knowledge and experience, maintaining a deck is brutal! So suffer no more and Let Anderson Pressure Washing take care of your deck maintenance needs!

Anderson Pressure Washing, Stamped patio clean and seal before and after

Stamped Patio

Clean and Seal

Stamped patios are a popular and nice option for outdoor living. However, the ONLY way to keep that color and texture looking great is to keep it sealed and protected from the sun and moisture.

I have seen patios that have only been there for 3-5 years and the color had drastically faded and the home owners didn't know why. They were never informed about the maintenance that needed to be done to insure the longevity of the color and look. Without the protection of the water and uv barrier the color gets faded by the sun and washed away by the water. The only way to keep this from happening is to have your patio cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years.

Now lets say that your patio has suffered the ill effects from not being sealed and there is little to no color left. Can anything be done? The answer is YES. The process is simple and affordable and will bring the life back to your patio and backyard. Let Anderson Pressure Washing take care of your patio maintenance needs!

Anderson Pressure Washing, driveway/concrete cleaning before and after


Clean and Seal

Do you have a dirty driveway? Have you considered having it professionally cleaned? People are amazed at the transformation that happens after the cleaning process. Just look at this before and after picture.  It is a simple and affordable service that makes a massive difference in the curb appeal of your home.

Do you have signs of salt damage or deterioration on your driveway? Schedule your clean and seal today! We have a penetrating sealer that helps prevent further deterioration from previous and future salt contact, as well as creating a water barrier that helps protect against the freeze and thaw cycles that can cause unsightly cracks that can become big problems. Call Anderson Pressure Washing today to insure that your concrete stays in top shape! 

pvc decking does mold

PVC, Vinyl



There is a myth out there about Vinyl, PVC and Composite, that they are a "maintenance free" building material.  The REALITY is that there is no such thing as maintenance free anything.  There is no building material that is going to keep mold and algae spores from landing on them and growing.  Especially in areas that don't see much sun.  These materials do have less maintenance requirements but the claim that they are 100% maintenance free is just not true.  But the good news is that these materials clean up great.  So if you are looking for the lowest maintenance possible then these could be great products to consider. And with a regular cleaning maintenance by Anderson Pressure Washing your deck and fencing will continue to look as good as new.